Mobile servicing


Sometimes it’s just not possible to get your boat or outboard motor to a repair centre. Consequently, at Emsworth Outboards we offer mobile servicing to customers in Hampshire, West Sussex, and beyond.

Our engineer will travel to your boat in our fully-equipped van to undertake any required work. In most cases we can diagnose, fix problems and test your outboard, making our mobile servicing a hassle-free option for those unable to get to our workshop.

Our mobile servicing and repair option means we can come to you and start diagnosing anything from a small issue like a dead battery to complete engine failure. We use the latest diagnostic systems, enabling us to see exactly what the engine is doing whilst running and static. Once we find the fault we repair it, having you back on the water as soon as possible.

If you would like us to visit your boat to service or repair your outboard engine, please call us to discuss your needs. Prices for mobile servicing vary depending on the size of your engine, and servicing fees exclude parts. Please call us to discuss mobile servicing and repair prices.

We can also provide a collection and delivery service through our outside servicing option. This is best suited for customers with vessels moored in our local marina, or those unable to detach their outboard engine for servicing.



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