Workshop service


We offer outboard servicing, repairs and maintenance from our workshop in Emsworth Yacht Harbour. We also have space outside of our premises for customers to bring boats to us for outside servicing. A collection and delivery service is also available for customers who do not wish to lift and carry heavy outboards.

Outboard Servicing


Your engine will need a service every year or after every 100 hours. If you have a new outboard under warranty, you will need to keep up with the recommended service intervals to maintain your warranty. At our workshop we can service and stamp your warranty book to ensure this. Regular servicing reduces the likelihood of breakdowns when out on the water.

Each outboard has it’s own special service requirements. At Emsworth Outboards we follow your manufacturer’s maintenance interval chart in accordance with your current engine hours. This ensures that your outboard is serviced properly, which reduces the chances of having problems in the future, ultimately giving you peace of mind whilst you are out on the water. If your outboard motor is new, then following the maintenance charts will ensure your warranty remains in place. If you are unsure about whether your engine needs a service, call us to discuss your requirements.




Our shop is stocked with parts, accessories, and spares. It has a small coffee area where customers can buy a hot drink.

Our expert engineers are available to consult with you about your outboard engine and will provide an estimate for the cost of our services.  Prices for workshop services vary dependent on the type and size of engine. Parts are normally excluded from servicing quotations.

Contact us for a competitive quotation.

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